Pukekohe Methodist Church


  • Do all the good you can.

  • By all the means you can.

  • In all the ways you can.

  • In all the places you can.

  • At all the times you can.

  • To all the people you can.

  • As long as ever you can.”

John Wesley

We are back in Church

Pukekohe - 9 am

Church by the Seashore - 10:30 am


9 AM - Pukekohe (36 Queen Street)

10:30 AM - Church by the Seashore (16 Torkar Road, Clarks Beach)

Ice-cream Sundays

Special service for children in the hall at the same time as service in the church. After the services we enjoy ice-cream in the hall

All on hold for now.

You can find worship material for children on our lock-down website